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Is college education worth it?
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Higher education means a better life

Those with a college degree have a happier life than those without.
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Those that have completed higher education have happier, more stable lives.

The Argument

The benefits of university are not just economic. Those with a university degree are more likely to perform well in other metrics that indicate a happy, stable life. Those with university degrees are more likely to have a successful first marriage. They are also less likely to be living on the streets.[1] They are also healthier than non-college educated workers. College graduates are less likely to smoke, more likely to do regular exercise, and less likely to be obese.[2]

Counter arguments


[P1] Graduates have happier, more stable lives than non-graduates. [P2] Therefore, university degrees increase lifetime happiness. [P3] Therefore, university degree are worth it.

Rejecting the premises


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