Is college education worth it?

The ever-rising costs of a university degree, coupled with increasing numbers of unemployed graduates, has left the latest generation of students pondering over whether a college education is worth it. Do the benefits of a college degree outweigh the costs?

Yes, college education is worth it

University education opens career doors, provides higher-paid jobs and offers intangible benefits that improve a graduate's quality of life.

Over a lifetime, college education makes financial sense

College-educated workers have much higher lifetime earnings than their non-college educated peers.

College helps you get a job

University opens career doors for graduates. A person having any form of tertiary education has higher chances to find a job than someone without. This is also reflected by a lower unemployment rate of graduates.

Higher education means a better life

Those with a college degree have a happier life than those without.

College teaches you how to learn

Attending university makes you a better person by teaching you how to learn.

College teaches interpersonal skills

Students learn valuable interpersonal skills at university.

College makes you a better parent

The children of college-parents are more likely to be healthy and have better early schooling outcomes.

Whether college education is worth it depends

The value of a university education depends on several factors including the financial assistance available, the field of study and the higher educational institution.

The value of college education depends on the institution

Not all college degrees from every university are worth the cost.

Whether college education is worth it depends on the discipline

Not all areas of study unlock the same employment and financial opportunities.

Whether college is worth it depends on available financial assistance

Different governments and financial providers offer different financial assistance and loan terms. These affect how much a student pays out of pocket for their university education and therefore, impacts the return on investment.

No, college education isn't worth it

The debts incurred by college tuition fees follow graduates around for most of their lives, weighing heavily on their life choices and mental health.

College forces graduates to put off major rites of passage

The debt incurred by a college education forces graduates to postpone major milestones.

Student loan debt is crippling

Student debt is financially and mentally draining. With both the number of those who owe student loan debt and the average debt increasing, many young adults and recent college graduates face multiple financial concerns.

College doesn't prepare students for the modern job market

The modern job market requires skills that aren't taught in academia.

You don’t need a degree to get to the top

Many people get to the pinnacle of their industries without ever setting foot in a university classroom.
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