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Who should win the Georgia Senate runoffs?
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Confirm a Biden cabinet

President Biden will surely have some left-leaning cabinet picks to help the country rise from the grips of the Covid-19 pandemic. Electing two Democrats to the Senate would help give Biden more leeway in his picks.

The Argument

The US is in dire need of radical change in its policies and procedures. Everything from foreign policy and the economy to infrastructure and agriculture has been upended by a Trump Presidency. A Biden cabinet needs to address all of these issues, and a Democratic Senate would help do just that. The policy decisions made by President Trump's cabinet are in dire need of reversal. The US economy is in tatters, and as a second wave of Covid-19 prepares to swarm the nation, the American people need more government assistance than ever before.[1] Not only that, but in a world dealing with the serious repercussions of climate change, the US needs to act swiftly and reenter the Paris Climate Accord.[2] Also, the ongoing trade war with China is making an already grave agricultural economy that much worse.[3] On top of all of that, a nuclear Iran is one of the greatest threats to the global community, and the US needs to reenter the Iran Nuclear Deal.[4] A Biden cabinet could take swift action on all of those things, and the country needs a fast-moving cabinet to deal with all of these issues. Electing Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock to the Senate would help a Biden Presidency put the appropriate cabinet together to deal with all of America's problems in a comprehensive, effective manner.

Counter arguments

A Biden cabinet should be bipartisan enough to survive in the Senate regardless of control. President Biden, a known centrist, should nominate centrists to fill out his cabinet and not rely on Democrats for confirmation.[5]



Rejecting the premises


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