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Who should win the Georgia Senate runoffs?
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Enact swift and powerful legislation

The pandemic has ravaged life as we know it. There are still Americans who are uninsured, even more facing mounting medical bills. A Democratically controlled Senate would put these issues at the forefront of policymaking.

The Argument

Just as swift change is needed in cabinet positions, legislation needs to be enacted to help Americans get out of the pandemic unscathed, and fast. The pandemic has forced many Americans out of work, and a large amount of Americans rely on their employers for health insurance.[1] This disastrous one-two punch could be aided with swift legislation, but the Senate would need to be held by Democrats to do it. A Democratically controlled Senate could take up the issue of universal healthcare on day one. It could also take up extended unemployment benefits for people still unemployed due to the pandemic, or even universal basic income. The Senate could even work on passing Biden's sweeping climate change package.[2] All of these policies will be engrained in the minds of Democratic voters for years to come, but to pass any of them, the Senate needs to be controlled by Democrats. Georgia needs to elect two Democrats to the Senate so that we can work on fixing the problems we deal with every day as Americans and come out of this pandemic unharmed.

Counter arguments

Democrats should not push policy agendas that are only agreed upon within their own party. Republicans and Democrats should work together to create bipartisan legislation to provide the resources for the country to combat the global pandemic.



Rejecting the premises


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