Who should win the Georgia Senate runoffs?

Georgia is in the midst of a run-off election for its seats in the US Senate. With control of the Senate on the line, which party should win those seats?

Both Democrats should win

If Georgia elects two Democrats to the Senate, it would be the first time in two decades that two Democrats represent the historically red state. Not only that, but it would give Democrats a majority in the Senate.

Confirm a Biden cabinet

President Biden will surely have some left-leaning cabinet picks to help the country rise from the grips of the Covid-19 pandemic. Electing two Democrats to the Senate would help give Biden more leeway in his picks.

Expand the Supreme Court

There are members of the Democratic party who wish to expand the Supreme Court. The issue would never pass under a Republican-controlled Senate but could find light in a Democratic one.

Enact swift and powerful legislation

The pandemic has ravaged life as we know it. There are still Americans who are uninsured, even more facing mounting medical bills. A Democratically controlled Senate would put these issues at the forefront of policymaking.

One or both Republicans should win

Electing one or two Republicans would give the GOP a majority in the Senate, likely preventing a Biden Presidency from rolling out some of its more ambitious policy plans.

Create a check on House Democrats

With a Biden Presidency, a Democratically led House will likely push some radical legislation on climate change, healthcare, and infrastructure. Electing two Republicans—and maintaining a Republican majority—would put a check on their power.

Stonewall any radical cabinet picks

A Biden Presidency could see radical cabinet picks in the coming months. All cabinet picks have to be approved by the Senate, so a Republican controlled Senate would enforce bipartisan and more moderate cabinet selections.

Prohibit liberal Supreme Court Justices

A new faction in the Democratic Party has pushed for packing the Supreme Court with more liberal Justices. a Republican Senate is needed to ensure that that does not happen.
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