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Who should win the Georgia Senate runoffs?
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Create a check on House Democrats

With a Biden Presidency, a Democratically led House will likely push some radical legislation on climate change, healthcare, and infrastructure. Electing two Republicans—and maintaining a Republican majority—would put a check on their power.

The Argument

In January, Democrats will control two of the three branches of legislative policy. Maintaining a Republican-controlled Senate would allow for a check on their power, and encourage bipartisanship. Despite being a relative moderate, Joe Biden ran for President with the promise of proposing legislation supported by some of the more radical Democrats.[1] Hefty climate change reform, healthcare reform, and a possible fight over the Supreme Court could all be coming under a Biden Presidency, and a Republican-controlled Senate would put a check on his more radical policies.[2] Not only that, but a Democratically-controlled House on the heels of a Trump presidency could swiftly try to undo policies made under the 45th President.[3] Radical Democrats have taken over the Democratic party, and the Republicans need a majority in the Senate to prevent the more radical wing from having unmitigated power. Georgia needs to elect one or both Republicans in its Senate runoffs to ensure a check on the radical left and to not allow the US to be controlled by left-leaning Democrats.

Counter arguments

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has shown a disregard for the norms of the Senate, stonewalling perfectly reasonable legislation and Supreme Court picks made by Democrats.[4] Bipartisan legislation stands no chance with McConnell in the Senate, and Biden should not rely on Republicans to help him out during his Presidency.



Rejecting the premises


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