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Will coronavirus destroy the global economy?
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Coronavirus is already destroying the global economy

This isn't a question of 'if' - it's already happening.
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To believe that we can contain economic impacts in the age of globalisation is farcical, as is already being seen. The OECD has characterised coronavirus as the biggest threat to the global economy since the 2008 crash.[1] Already, the economic effects Coronavirus has wiped $1.7 trillion off of the US stock market in a couple of days.[2] Coronavirus' impact on the global economy isn't a hypothetical; it's happening. The global economy is in grave danger and the effects are already being felt. As coronavirus itself spreads internationally, so does economic volatility, and like the virus this shows no signs of stopping.

Counter arguments


[P1] There have already been severe global economic effects of coronavirus. [P2] Coronavirus is already impacting the global economy.

Rejecting the premises


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