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Will coronavirus destroy the global economy?
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As global industry shuts down, so does the economy

With factories and offices being closed to limit the spread of the virus, global economic collapse is unavoidable.
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The Argument

China is a major part of the global supply chain. Companies like Apple and Huawei - who rely on trade with China to maintain distribution - have already experienced disruptions in their earnings.[1] China is also one of the largest importers of oil in the world, meaning that global oil demand has decreased significantly.[2] Many of developing or emerging economies are deeply affected, and so are especially vulnerable to change and volatility.[3] China is shutting down major parts of its industry. When Chinese industry shuts down, so does global industry. When global industry shuts down, so does the global economy.

Counter arguments


[P1] Chinese industry is a major part of global industry. [P2] As Chinese industry shuts down due to coronavirus, so does global industry. [P3] This causes severe damage to the global economy.

Rejecting the premises


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