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Will coronavirus destroy the global economy?
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Leading economists have warned of a 2020 crash for years

Field experts from former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, to Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, have long said a global economic crash is on its way.
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The Argument

Even before coronavirus hit, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom were all on the cusp of recession, with many other economies experiencing significant slowdowns.[1] Global debt had already skyrocketed, with debt to GDP rates being higher than immediately before the 2008 financial crisis. Growth in 2020 was already forecast to decline significantly.[2] Additionally, even far before the downturn, China had specifically been theorised to be the epicentre of the next financial crisis.[3] A 2020 recession had even been forecast by many.[4] Coronavirus is simply the catalyst that has sped up economic downturn, rather than having caused it. The economic crash we are experiencing is inevitable.

Counter arguments


[P1] There were many indicators of an impending economic crisis far before coronavirus became a crisis. [P2] Coronavirus has not caused global economic downturn - it has simply sped it up.

Rejecting the premises


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