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Should the US maintain the embargo against Cuba?
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The Cuban government is hostile to the US

Attempts to talk to Cuba calmly and diplomatically have failed. Cuba has a long history of aggression toward the US and has consistently supported America's enemies.

The Argument

The Cuban government has consistently taken aggressive actions against the United States government since the Cuban Revolution finally ousted its own government in 1959. Castro’s regime in particular has always supported terrorist groups that oppose the US. Cuba was on the United States sponsors of terrorism list from between 1982 and 2015. Cuba has given political asylum to a convicted Black Panther member and other refugees fleeing conviction in the US. [1] In recent years Cuba has allied itself with governments such as Venezuela which are rabidly anti-American, and who’s views are antithetical to that of the American government.[2] Cuba has also repeatedly shipped arms to North Korea.[3] Even when the US has attempted to parlay with Cuba, the government has remained hostile. In spite of Bill Clinton’s attempts to negotiate with Cuba, in 1996 Cuba knowingly shot down two civilian US planes and made no apology for their actions. [4] When Obama liberalized relations with Cuba, an American aid-worker was jailed less than one year later.Castro later called Obama stupid and said Cuba will succeed without US help.[1] Cuba is aggressive towards the US and should be treated as an enemy.

Counter arguments

The aggression of Cuba is a response to US aggression. The US has repeatedly singled out Cuba for punishment. Cuba has had to make deals with Venezuela and other enemies of the US due to the embargo. If America removed all their sanctions normal relations could resume. Most of the worst of Cuba’s hostility came from Fidel Castro himself. Now that Fidel is dead, America should try to extend the olive branch once again.[5] The most recent state department reports state that there is no evidence Cuba is funding terrorism.[6] Sanctions against Cuba have provoked aggression. With Fidel dead it is time for the US to negotiate with Cuba again.



[P1] Cuba has consistently carried out hostile actions against the US and supported America's enemies. [P2] More liberal presidents have been the target of even greater levels of hostility. [C] The embargo should be maintained because Cuba has never attempted to defuse the situation with the US government.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Cuba's actions are a response to America's sanctions.


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