Should the US maintain the embargo against Cuba?

In 1962 the US introduced a trade embargo, ‘El Bloqueo’, on Cuba, in response to the Cuban revolution. The embargo is an attempt to force regime change in a one-party state. Congressional support is needed to repeal the divisive measure, which has been written into statute.

Yes, the US should maintain the embargo.

The Cuban Embargo has yet to achieve its aims and must be kept in place lest the US give the green light to an oppressive regime.

Lifting the embargo would economically strengthen a dictatorial regime

The economic sanctions against Cuba have crippled the government. By enforcing an embargo the US has prevented Cuba from undertaking military action worldwide. Lifting the sanctions would give power back to Cuban elites.

Cuba has never met the conditions needed to lift the embargo

The Cuban government has still never met US demands for free elections, the release of its political prisoners, and the end to arbitrary arrests. It would be weak for the US to lift the embargo now.

The Cuban government is hostile to the US

Attempts to talk to Cuba calmly and diplomatically have failed. Cuba has a long history of aggression toward the US and has consistently supported America's enemies.

No, the US should lift the embargo.

In spite of being one of the longest-running embargoes in history, the measures taken against Cuba have proven ineffective. To avoid more damage to the Cuban people and the US economy, the block should be repealed.

The Embargo has achieved nothing

The original purpose of the embargo was to force regime change. The government of Cuba has still not allowed free elections and shows no signs of budging on human rights issues. Cuba has found many ways around the sanctions. The embargo has done nothing and should be lifted.

The Cold War is over

The Cuban embargo was created in response to the threat of global communism. Tensions reached their peak in the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. The USSR has since collapsed, and the Cuban threat along with it.

The embargo has hurt innocent Cuban people

The Cuban embargo has made it difficult for ordinary Cubans to get access to important medical treatment. Widespread food shortages have caused malnutrition. The embargo is a cruel measure that harms ordinary people, not the Cuban government.

Lifting the embargo will stimulate the US economy

America is set to be Cuba's biggest trading partner. Reforms that have liberalized trade with Cuba have already produced millions of dollars in revenue. The embargo should be lifted so that the US can benefit economically.

The Cuban-American Lobby is holding the US to ransom

The majority of Americans do not want a Cuban embargo. The state of Florida is an important swing state in American elections. Due to the number of Cuban-Americans living in Florida, successive American presidents have maintained the embargo in order to win votes, against the will of the majority.
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