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Do aliens exist?
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There is evidence to suggest that aliens have visited us already

Millions of people believe that aliens exist and have visited the Earth in flying saucers. Some believe that many of the ancient civilisations were taught or assisted by aliens
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The Argument

Aliens and extraterrestrial life have been the topic of science for centuries. Satellites have been sent to map out planets and rovers have scoured their surfaces. On earth, rumors of UFO’s have been part of alien lore for years. However, they are all dismissed as fake or an optical illusion. But it could be possible that aliens visited earth before the present time. One example of a possible alien sighting was found in “The Madonna with Saint Giovannino”. In the corner of the painting, a small detailed image of a sphere-shaped object looks like a mechanical vehicle.[1] Another example of possible alien interaction is the puma punkus in Bolivia. The monument is made of red sandstone and andesite stone with chiseled designs. What’s interesting about the designs is that they are precise enough to seem like they were made by machinery.[2] At the time that the monument was made, it was impossible for the civilization to make such designs. If it is argued that intelligent life like us could never come from space and other planets, then it should be acknowledged that particles in space have made their way to earth. Particles called neutrinos were discovered in Antarctica. When they were found in Antarctica, scientists believe they came to earth in 1987.[3] These elusive particles exist beyond the solar system and create black holes and supernovas. If something as rare as neutrinos visited earth, so could intelligent extraterrestrial beings.

Counter arguments

Intelligent life outside of earth has been debunked many times. For example, the great pyramids that ancient Egyptians built. One of the bases of alien theories is the ability for the Egyptians to build large triangles in a little bit of time. The pyramids were not always so tall. The earliest pyramids were rectangular tombs called mastabas that were stacked on top of each other.[4] The only thing that has been proven to exist on planets outside of earth is water and bacteria. Europa, Jupiter’s moon, is covered in ice. Scientists believe that it could be a great place to land if people were to evacuate earth.[5] Bacteria has yet to be found on other planets and moons. However, a few of bacteria found on earth has grown on a spaceship, giving way to theorize that bacteria could survive in space.[6] Aliens have never come to earth. Humans were smarter than they seemed. Without machinery, humans had to become extremely innovative. Plus, Some UFO sightings have been investigated and debunked as based on sightings of Venus or known atmospheric phenomena such as mock suns (sunlight reflecting on a layer of ice particles below an aircraft).


[P1] There’s evidence supporting alien life. [P2] Monuments and paintings show that people saw aliens and aliens created things for them. [P3] Extraterrestrial life applies to space particles.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] The only alien life around are space particles. [Rejecting P2] Humans were smarter than they're given credit for [Rejecting P3] Space particles are not life; bacteria is life.


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