Do aliens exist?

It's a question humanity has pondered for centuries. People have throughout time reported seeing mysterious objects flying in the sky, sightings of little green men, and even being abducted. But is this just the stuff of imagination? Does life exist in outer space? Or are we really all alone?

Yes, alien life does exist outside of Earth

Some people believe that there is some form of life located on other planets

Accidental artificial panspermia explains alien life

The belief that humanity has accidentally contaminated other planets with life by sending rovers and landers to their surface that were not sufficiently decontaminated

Natural panspermia explains alien life

The belief that life is able to naturally spread throughout the Solar System and Galaxy

Independent development of simple life explains alien life

This is the belief that life is likely to have developed elsehwere in the usiverse completely independntly of other life

Independent development of intelligent life explains alien life

Similar to the argument of the development of Simple life, but with the added step of the life becoming complex and potentially intellignet

There is evidence to suggest that aliens have visited us already

Millions of people believe that aliens exist and have visited the Earth in flying saucers. Some believe that many of the ancient civilisations were taught or assisted by aliens

No, alien life doesn't exist elsewhere in the Universe

People holding the belief that life does not exist elsewhere in the universe.

No simple life exists outside of Earth

Aside from Earth, no other life exists in any other regions of the Universe

No alien life will ever exist in the universe

Not only does life currently not exist elsewhere in the Universe, it has never existed and will likely never exist in the obervable universe

Probably, but we don’t yet have proof of alien life

People taking this view consider that in a Universe where there are enormous numbers of worlds like ours it is likely that life has arisen many times. But until we have evidence we don’t know for sure

Several exoplanets have been discovered that may harbor alien life

The so-called exoplanets are planet found outside our Solar System. Some might be candidate for a life

Drake equation shows a high probability of alien life

Detection or contact with an alien life form is not possible

The question might be irrelevant since there a no means to identify presence of alien life

The SETI project has not yielded any evidence of alien life

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence has been operating for long without giving any evidence

Technical means do not allow detection of alien life

Our current technology does not allow detection of an alien life.
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