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Do aliens exist?
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Technical means do not allow detection of alien life

Our current technology does not allow detection of an alien life.
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With current technology we can only prove if a planet is in a habitable zone but not if it can actually harbour intelligent life.

The Argument

Possible method of detecting life on an exoplanet: Detection of a sign of life on a planet (such as river, cities, artifacts) requires an image of planet: this would require an impractical optical resolution of a telescope positioned in the Solar System). Sending a probe on an outer solar system is also highly impractical (length of travel). Detection of signals form an alien life is impractical (see also SETI argument)

Counter arguments

Some missions to our next Solar System can be physically feasible as Breakthrough Starshot [1] According to Kardashev scale [2] level II or III civilisations can be able to harness such high amount of energies that should be detectable on Earth.


Rejecting the premises


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