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Is abortion ethical?
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Abortion is unethical because a fetus will transform into a human

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The Argument

While a fetus may not have many of the essential characteristics of a person, it will grow to have such characteristics. Therefore, it is wrong to ends its life, since that would be ending the life of what will become a human. A fetus is not rational or self-aware, and thus lacks characteristics that make a person. In that way, out of context in its fetal state, it may not be as valuable as other creatures. However, it will become a fully rational and self-aware creature, making it a potential person, which has value[1]. It has value because it has a valuable future. Terminating its life would deprive the world of that future.

Counter arguments

We do not generally afford the same rights to potential things that we afford to things. For instance, we do not give the child all of the rights an adult has. An adult has the right to vote, and though a child is a potential adult, we do not grant it the right to vote. The same can be said of other things. Since we do not tend to give the same rights to potential things, there is no reason a potential person should have the same right to life a person has.


[P1] It is wrong to kill potential human beings. {P2] A fetus is a potential human being.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] It is not wrong to kill potential people.


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