Is abortion ethical?

There are debates all over the world about whether or not abortion should be legal, and many people pick which side based on their feelings on the morality of abortion. Frequently, the debate centers around disagreements of the moral status of the fetus, and at what point it has all the rights of an adult. Other ethical debates focus on the rights of the mother or the circumstances of conception.

Abortion is ethical

Abortion is a matter of preventing cells from continuing to grow. Some arguments for the ethicality of abortion are arguments for the potential parent's right to control their body and arguments for fetuses not being human beings.

Abortion is ethical because we have a right to bodily autonomy

Abortion is ethical because pregnancy and childbirth have many long-term health implications

Abortion is ethical because a fetus is not a person

Personhood requires a certain level of consciousness and rationality, of which a fetus is incapable. Therefore, it does not have the full rights of a human being.

Abortion is ethical because we have a population crisis and our environment is at stake

Abortion is ethical because we put too much emphasis on the importance of human life

Abortion is ethical under certain circumstances

If a fetus has not developed enough to be considered a child or if it threatens the life of the mother, then she has the right to choose an abortion. Additionally, if the mother is raped, then it would be ethical for her not to bear the consequences of something over which she had no control.

In cases of rape, abortion is ethical

In cases of rape, a woman never consented to raise a child, so she should not have to give birth to that child.

Abortion is ethical when the mother is in danger.

If during pregnancy, the mother's life is in danger, it is ethical to abort the child. As an adult who has an established life, it is worse to lose her than the child. Therefore, abortion is moral.

Abortion is ethical within a timeframe

While at conception, the embryo does not possess all the rights of a person, over the course of the pregnancy it will acquire those rights. Therefore, abortion is only ethical prior to the fetus becoming a person with rights.

Abortion is ethical when the quality of life of the human will undoubtedly be very poor

Abortion is unethical

From the moment of conception, a fetus is a child with all of the rights of any person. A fetus will grow up to be just like any other person and could have a meaningful future, and abortion is also religiously unacceptable. As such, abortion is unethical.

Abortion is unethical because of the right to life

A fetus has the full rights of an adult human. Therefore, it has the right to life and to not being killed.

Abortion is unethical because abortion is against religion

God created life, and in many religious traditions, all life is sacred. Ending a life disrespects the creations of God and the sanctity of life.

Abortion is unethical because it is denying a future human a future

Though a fetus does not yet possess all of the rights of an adult human, it will eventually. By terminating the life a fetus you rob it of its future and all that it potential could have had and could have been.

Abortion is unethical because a fetus will transform into a human

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