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Is abortion ethical?
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Abortion is unethical because abortion is against religion

God created life, and in many religious traditions, all life is sacred. Ending a life disrespects the creations of God and the sanctity of life.
Abortion Religion


Many people are opposed to abortion for religious reasons. According to the Pew Research center,[1] 79% of adults who say abortion should be illegal in all/most cases, are “absolutely certain” about their belief in God compared to 50% of adults who say it should be legal in all/most cases. 73% of adults against legal abortion also say that religion is “very important” in their views of abortion compared to 37% of adults for legal abortion.

The Argument

Christians have multiple arguments against abortion. Some believe that life begins at conception and human life is sacred, therefore making abortion equivalent to murder.[2] Others believe that abortion is only immoral past a point of 'ensoulment' at some point after conception.[3] Scott B. Rae, professor of Christian ethics, cites the celebration of Jesus’ conception in the Bible as proof that a zygote is valued in the eyes of God and therefore should not be terminated; “Unborn child is the object of God’s intricate handiwork in the womb”. [4]

Counter arguments

There is no evidence for the existence of God or creationism. Since we cannot prove that God exists or that he created life, there is nothing that makes life inherently sacred. It is not unethical to abort a fetus because life is not sacred and not worth protecting. Religion is not a guide for morality; "morality and a religious value system are two distinct kinds of value systems or action guides."[5] Therefore, while religion can be used to guide an individual's idea of ethics, religious convictions that deem abortion unethical do not extend to all people.



[P1] God created life. [P2} Ending a life goes against what God created, so it is wrong. [P3] Abortion ends life goes against what God created.

Rejecting the premises


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