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Should human cloning be banned?
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Human cloning will lead to a new form of racism

While it may seem like a step towards advancing medicine, science, and technology, it will only breed racism and confusion. It’s a difficult concept that will open a new door for racism in a world that already suffers from it.
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The Argument

Social order is defined as the way the various components of society work together to maintain the status quo.[1] Human cloning will upset the social order of fertility and human reproduction, resulting in fear and developing a new form of racism. In a world where racial discrimination is already prevalent, it would cause social chaos for those born from asexual reproduction. Calls for a ban on cloning amount to discrimination against people based on another genetic trait (the fact that somebody already has an identical DNA sequence). The most extreme form of discrimination is genocide (seeking to eliminate that which is different). In this case, it’s the idea that clones are dangerous to society (in terms of social order), so we must eliminate their existence, even before their creation.

Counter arguments

It will challenge human knowledge of medicine and science. If anything, it will help further the advancements in both fields.


[P1] Human cloning will result in a new form of racism, which will be harmful to the cloned individuals.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] This is based on speculation, as a human clone has not been successful yet. The expectation and projection of racism on the cloned individual is only inferred in this situation.


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