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Should we explore space?
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Humanity should expand its knowledge

Knowledge is the cornerstone of life. Knowledge has progressed civilizations and made them better. If humankind wants to improve the way everyone lives, as much knowledge should be obtained as possible.

The Argument

Humans have had a longing for freedom and a bountiful curiosity ever since the beginning of time. Compasses were made before GPS, electricity was harnessed to benefit society after little to nothing was known about it, and even a simple magnifying glass helped us see the world at a closer view.[1] The most incredible inventions and theories were thought to be a waste of time and strange like Galileo’s concept of a round earth. Individual discoveries can tell us huge amounts about our world and ourselves. Space could become a great way to gain more knowledge about the place outside of our world.

Counter arguments

Space doesn’t deserve the time and attention it already has. Nonprofit organizations struggle to get funding from their communities and begin to get weak in their area of impact.[2] Since there’s nothing that is known about space, there’s a gamble thinking that there’s something worth exploring.



[P1] Humans have been gaining knowledge since the beginning of time. [P2] Humanity should continue to gain knowledge through space.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P4] Humanity can gain knowledge on Earth. It would benefit humanity better than gaining new knowledge from space.


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