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Should we explore space?
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There’s nothing in space worth exploring

Theories about what exists in space have far surpassed outweighed the facts that we have. The planets closest to Earth aren’t inhabitable for human life, and chances are other planets we find won't be inhabitable either. What makes us think that continuing to explore space is useful?

The Argument

Space doesn’t have anything worth exploring. Outside of planets and stars, space is a vacuum full of dusts and asteroids.[1] Therefore, no effort or funding should be put towards space travel.

Counter arguments

Space is filled with interesting objects. The Moon has oceans, there are stars that become supernovas, and there is sulfur on Mars. In 2017, a photo of a black hole was captured.[2] For years, black holes have only existed in theory. Scientists have even found that bacteria, when exposed in space, becomes more resistant to medication.[3] Space has so much interesting information to offer mankind. Space exploration should be funded.



[P1] All that exists in space are planets, stars, and space dust. [P2] Space doesn’t have anything interesting in it to explore. [P3] There shouldn’t be any funding going towards space travel.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Space does have many interesting things to explore. [Rejecting P3] Space travel deserves some funding as scientific progression is important to society.


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