Should we explore space?

Humans have been fascinated with space for centuries. Mayans made a calendar from the stars, Galileo made a telescope, and a man was put on the moon. Space is vast, and scientists still don’t know a lot about it. Is space worth still exploring? Now that the space race has died down, does humanity need to continue to learn about space?

"Yes, we should explore space"

Space is a subject that the world has only a small understanding of. There are many theories about what exists in space, but only a few have been proven. Perhaps if space was successfully explored in its entirety, scientists could uncover new planets and stars that could potentially be used to the Earth's advantage.

Humanity should expand its knowledge

Knowledge is the cornerstone of life. Knowledge has progressed civilizations and made them better. If humankind wants to improve the way everyone lives, as much knowledge should be obtained as possible.

The Earth could colonize different resources

It’s been theorized that there might be planets with a similar atmosphere and ecosystem to Earth’s. If it is true, perhaps Earth could benefit from having extra planets to cultivate.

Exploring space can help to address Earth's problems

Analysis of planets close to us, like Mars or Venus, can help us understand Earth's climate and evolution.

"No, we shouldn’t explore space"

Space has been the attention of humankind for centuries. Yet discoveries that expand our understanding of space have been few and far between. There hasn’t been enough money to fund expensive equipment that may or may not work. The money would be better spent on what the earth needs opposed to faraway planets and stars.

There’s nothing in space worth exploring

Theories about what exists in space have far surpassed outweighed the facts that we have. The planets closest to Earth aren’t inhabitable for human life, and chances are other planets we find won't be inhabitable either. What makes us think that continuing to explore space is useful?

Space exploration is a waste of money

NASA has tons of money to spend every year. Those who support it insist that space travel is one of the most important initiatives to fund. But there are more important things that money could be put towards.
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