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Should we explore space?
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Space exploration is a waste of money

NASA has tons of money to spend every year. Those who support it insist that space travel is one of the most important initiatives to fund. But there are more important things that money could be put towards.
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The Argument

Exploring space is a waste of money. NASA has a budget of $22.6 billion and $10.35 billion of it (45.8%) goes to space travel.[1] Instead of throwing money away to something that may not even benefit us, the money should be used for small organizations that rely on donations instead of government funding.

Counter arguments

Space is worth funding because it could support humanity in the future. Since 1991, a tenth of the Earth’s ecosystems have already been destroyed, and it’s likely to get worse.[2] That’s the perfect reason to find a different planet to inhabit. It should be done as soon as possible before the Earth can’t sustain humanity anymore.



[P1] NASA spends $10.35 billion a year on space exploration. [P2] Exploring space isn’t worth financial support. [P3] The money should go to other organizations.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Exploring space provides new knowledge for mankind. [Rejecting P3] Money going to a space program does not prevent it from going to other organizations. Government systems and relief projects already get more financial support than space travel.


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