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What are the solutions to the Israel Palestine conflict?
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No Israeli incentive to find solution to Israel Palestine conflict

On the Israeli side, there is little incentive to secure a solution to the conflict.
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To break a status quo, there must be both significant political pressures and a political force with the will and ability to do something. Neither of those are present in Israel.[1]

The Argument

The Israeli economy is strong. The conflict is not deterring international investment. Inflation and unemployment are low. There has been no deterioration in Israel's international relationships with foreign governments. Therefore, Israel has no pressing need to bring an end to the conflict.[1] Additionally, Palestinian stabbings and rockets have taken their toll on Israeli public opinion. Many Israelis do not want to see the conflict brought to an end. The stabbings and bombings of the Second Intifada in the early 2000s are still fresh in their minds. Without a public appetite for peace, Israeli politicians are not inclined to spend political capital on securing a solution to the conflict.[2]

Counter arguments


[P1] To bring political change, there must be both political pressure and a political organization capable of enacting change. [P2] In Israel there is no political pressure. [P3] Therefore, there will be no change. [P4] Therefore, the Israel-Palestine conflict will not be resolved.

Rejecting the premises


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