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What are the solutions to the Israel Palestine conflict?
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The US is not a viable peace broker for the Israel Palestine conflict

The US is one of the few nations capable of brokering peace but it is not willing to do so.
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With its economic clout and vast coffers of foreign aid, the US will play an integral role in the peace process. Through diplomatic and economic pressure, it can bring both sides to the negotiating table and advance the peace process. However, in recent years, it has only made things worse.

The Argument

The US may be one of the only diplomatic forces on earth that could leverage its economic and financial clout to bring peace to the region. However, it has not sought to address the power imbalances and underlying conflicts playing out in the region. Instead of pressuring the Israeli government to end its occupation, it has sought to reassure it. It has also tried to reform Palestinian aspirations rather than work with both sides to find mutually agreeable terms. Pressuring the weaker party and supporting the stronger party is not the role of a mediator or peace broker. The void of a viable peace broker will mean neither side has an incentive to further negotiations.

Counter arguments



[P1] The US is one of the few forces capable of brokering peace. [P2] The US is not behaving like a peace broker. [P3] Therefore, the conflict will not be resolved through US-led negotiations.

Rejecting the premises


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