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What are the solutions to the Israel Palestine conflict?
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Everyone can stay where they are in Israel Palestine

Under a confederation, nobody would need to relocate. If Israel and Palestine formed a united government, while maintaining their separate identities, they could coexist peacefully. Both states would stay where they are and allow citizens to easily travel between the two states.
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Some political analysts and scholars have suggested that Israel and Palestine form a confederation, which is a loose but united association of more than one state. Confederations allow states with different interests to cooperate and coexist under a united government, while maintaining their separate cultural identities. Forming a confederation would create a “porous border” between the two states, allowing more freedom of movement for civilians. Such a border would allow for greater economic development, greater cultural overlap, and greater freedom of residency for citizens of both states. Sharing capital could bring the two states closer together, instead of deepening their already existing divisions. Since both states would agree to coexist alongside each other, neither would have to move. Thus, the confederation approach avoids uprooting either state, which would cause massive disruption to the lives and economies of both states. Under a confederation, Israelis and Palestinians could preserve their ethnic identities and have more freedoms and opportunities. A confederation would not infringe upon Palestinians’ and Israelis’ rights to self-determination and would allow the two states to peacefully coexist.

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