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What are the solutions to the Israel Palestine conflict?
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Palestine can govern itself within an Israeli state

Autonomy plus is a solution where Israel gives Palestine independence, but not statehood, within the region. Essentially, the Palestinians would have some but not total freedom.


For decades, there has been tension and wars between Israel and Palestine over the creation and recognition of a Palestinian state in the region. As a different option away from the two-state solution (one where both Palestine and Israel co-exist as two states in the same area), the autonomy plus solution has been floated by many leaders. This solution to the conflict creates one state (Israel) in which Palestine can exist autonomously.

The Argument

The idea of a two-state system – one where both Israel and Palestine coexist in the same region and claim shared ownership of Jerusalem – no longer seems like a viable option. Instead, the proposal of autonomy plus creates a situation where Palestine and Israel can peacefully live together. Autonomy plus affords the Palestinians the ability to govern themselves without presenting a threat toward Israel.[1] This solution could bring peace to the region and quell future wars. Additionally, the United States government supports this stance. President Donald Trump and his Senior Advisor, Jared Kushner, advocate the autonomy plus plan as a viable option to bring peace to the region.[2] With the recent Israel-UAE peace agreement, there is seemingly reason to believe that peace in the Middle East – particularly between Israel and Palestine – will come to fruition. Palestinian autonomy within an Israeli state allows both people to live within their community, venerate their idols, and peacefully exist.

Counter arguments

The idea that Palestine can govern itself within an Israeli state ignores the will of the Palestinian people. The Palestinian Authority has made its demands for peace clear – they want an independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital.[1] The Israeli Prime Minister’s call for autonomy plus falls short of those requirements. Peace between Israel and Palestine seems unlikely without a two-state solution.[3] The argument some make that Palestine can exist within Israel is unfeasible.



Rejecting the premises


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