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Who is James Bond?
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James Bond is a cold-blooded assassin

For every heroic deed he has done, Bond has caused horrific deaths.
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The Argument

While Bond has a 'license to kill', this doesn't make the things he does less morally wrong. His job is not to murder people en masse, it is to gather information; a fact that seldom seems to matter. Bond kills otherwise neutralised or non-threatening opponents in a number of ways, in ways as broad as letting opponents fall off buildings or cliffs (The Spy Who Loved Me, Quantum Solace, For Your Eyes Only) or using women as human shields against attackers (Goldfinger, Thunderball).[1] Bond is no better than the villains he opposes. He is willing to kill those who are of no immediate threat to him, with no regard for morality. He is an evil figure rather than the hero he is so often made out to be.

Counter arguments


[P1] James Bond has killed people in cold-hearted and unnecessary ways. [P2] This is inconsistent with the characteristics of a true 'hero'. [P3] James Bond is a villain.

Rejecting the premises


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