Who is James Bond?

From the beginning of the James Bond movie franchise in 1962, 007 has proved to be a long-lasting cultural icon. The spy for the U.K. Secret Service has now starred in 26 movies, accruing many high-tech gadgets and charming huge amounts of women as he goes. But who is James Bond? Is he a hero? A villain? A symbol of a time gone by? Or totally irrelevant?

James Bond is an amazing character

James Bond is a compelling character who has been popular for decades - with good reason.

James Bond is a classic hero

Audiences admire James Bond for his courage, achievements, and skill. These are the qualities of a classic hero, which is why he is such an iconic character.

James Bond is the ultimate masculine figure

Bond is an Alpha male - a symbol of everything a man should be.

James Bond is a timeless icon

The immense cultural impact of Bond as a character shows his timelessness.

James Bond represents social change

The Bond films have managed to keep up with social change throughout their tenure.

James Bond is a bad guy

James Bond may simply be a villain.

James Bond is a cold-blooded assassin

For every heroic deed he has done, Bond has caused horrific deaths.

James Bond is a problematic figure

James Bond is nothing but a symbol of sexism, imperialism and capitalist over-indulgence

James Bond is sexist

The character of Bond has a long-term pattern of harmful, misogynistic behaviour.

James Bond is a symbol of xenophobia and imperialism

James Bond was created to justify British imperialist rule, and xenophobic undertones have underpinned much of the franchise.

James Bond is a symbol of indulgence

Bond is an ostentatious character, and his over-indulgence is a celebration of greed. Critics have also noted his excessive tendencies with violence and romantic relationships.

Who cares who James Bond is?

Materially, it means nothing to ask who James Bond is.

James Bond is just a cash cow

James Bond movies are created because they make money, not because filmmakers have any authentic, creative love for the character.

James Bond is no longer relevant

James Bond is an archaic relic of a time gone by. His character is outdated because he symbolizes the masculine ideal of the 1950s. As a symbol of a 20th century ideal, he holds no relevance in the 21st century.

James Bond is just a code name

James Bond is not any one man, but a code name used by multiple agents.
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