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Who is James Bond?
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James Bond is sexist

The character of Bond has a long-term pattern of harmful, misogynistic behaviour.
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The Argument

Throughout the series, James Bond shows little regard for women to the point of overt misogyny. In the novel Goldfinger, James Bond has sex with Pussy Galore to 'correct' her lesbianism.[1] In Live and Let Die, he uses a woman's spirituality to trick and seduce her. In Thunderball, Bond forces a woman to have sex with him under threat of losing her job if she does not comply. Bond also physically assaults women in several movies. Bond treats women as objects, rather than equals. They are helpless maidens or seductresses who play hard to get. The James Bond series is the portrayal of a misogynist with no acknowledgement he is a misogynist, perpetuating harmful ideas about women.

Counter arguments


[P1] Bond has a long history of overtly sexist actions, including sexual and physical assault. [P2] The Bond franchise is actively sexist and harmful.

Rejecting the premises


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