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Who is James Bond?
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James Bond is just a code name

James Bond is not any one man, but a code name used by multiple agents.
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The Argument

James Bond isn't an individual. Rather, 'James Bond' is a moniker given to all agents who assume the 007 identity. Just look at Judi Dench, who plays the same character in the franchise across different iterations of Bond. Another piece of evidence is George Lazenby's Bond stating in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service that “this never happened to the other guy.”[1] Since Bond is built around a code name, there are no intrinsic qualities to him as a character. The question of who James Bond is is pointless, as the answer is no-one.

Counter arguments


[P1] James Bond is not a man, but a codename. [P2] Therefore, asking who James Bond is is futile.

Rejecting the premises


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