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Is spending time quarantined bad for your mental health?
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You can learn a new skill

Learning a new skill has positive mental health outcomes. Quarantines afford people the time to do this.
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Many are using the quarantine period to develop or learn a new skill.

The Argument

Developing new skills can have a positive impact on your mental health. Lifelong learning and education have been linked with increased overall satisfaction and reduced levels of anxiety and depression. Those that continue to develop new skills and abilities into adulthood also have higher levels of self-esteem and are more optimistic.[1] With nothing else to do, many people are using their free time to learn to code, bake, or start a new language learning course. These will all have long-term positive mental health impacts.

Counter arguments


[P1] Learning a new skill has positive mental health outcomes. [P2] Quarantine gives people the time to learn new skills. [P3] Therefore, quarantine can have positive impacts on our mental health.

Rejecting the premises


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