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Is spending time quarantined bad for your mental health?
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We can all take a step back and think

The disruption quarantine causes in our lives will give many the opportunity to take stock. This will result in better decisionmaking and better long-term mental health outcomes.
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The coronavirus quarantine will force many to take stock of their lives and evaluate their situation. This can lead to positive changes for their overall mental health.

The Argument

The coronavirus is forcing many of us to reconsider our lives. We are rethinking our career stability, our relationships with loved ones, and the fragility of our existence. For some, this will invoke some significant reprioritizing. A global pandemic might cause some to rethink their career paths. Others may decide they want to get closer and reconnect with family. Some couples might realize that they are in an unhappy marriage, and pursue a divorce following the quarantine period. Others may be brought closer together. Whatever the outcomes, the coronavirus and the quarantine circumstances it has led to will prompt many to reassess their circumstances and inevitably lead to some life changes that will lead to long-term benefits.

Counter arguments


[P1] Quarantine will give us all time and space to think. [P2] This time will allow us to re-evaluate some decisions we have made. [P3] This should lead to many changing their circumstances for the better.

Rejecting the premises


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