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Is spending time quarantined bad for your mental health?
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Quarantine puts strain on familial relationships

The stresses of quarantine push families to their limits. This has negative mental health outcomes.
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Quarantine puts enormous strain on familial relationships, not just because people are cooped up together, but because reactions to quarantine are highly subjective and divisive.

The Argument

For families living under the same roof, being in close proximity for every waking minute will inevitably put strain on relationships as tempers become frayed and minor irritants escalate into mind-drilling aversions. But the topic of quarantine itself is also a major sticking point in many familial relationships. Some people have responded to the coronavirus by locking themselves away, convinced that only by never leaving the house are they fulfilling their moral obligations to society. Others have responded to the coronavirus by heading out to support local businesses, convinced that their responsibility as a consumer and active participant in the economy outweighs their responsibility to limit the spread of the disease.[1] These two factions emerge within families, causing friction and putting further strain on familial relationships.

Counter arguments


[P1] Quarantine puts additional strain on familial relationships. [P2] Strained familial relationships are a source of anxiety and stress. [P3] Therefore, quarantine has a negative effect on our mental health.

Rejecting the premises


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