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Is animal milk healthy?
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Milk is somewhat healthy, but not absolutely necessary.

Milk does contain valuable nutrients, but these nutrients can be gotten through other foods too.
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The Argument

Milk does have nutrients such as vitamin D and calcium, and the body can benefit from these nutrients. However, milk is not the only way to obtain these nutrients. Calcium rich foods include beans, almonds, and kale. Vitamin D can be received simply through exposure to sunlight. Milk in moderation can be a good way to get these nutrients. However, milk’s high fat content means other methods can often be a healthier alternative, and milk is not the only way to get these nutrients.

Counter arguments

-It is a lot more difficult to get nutrients from foods besides milk, because they are much lower in content. -Milk’s nutrients outweigh the negative effects of its fat content.


P[1] Milk is healthy because it contains nutrients. P[2] Milk is not necessary, because other foods can provide the same nutrients.

Rejecting the premises


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