Is animal milk healthy?

Milk is a staple of the mammal diet, humans included. However recent studies and debate suggest that drinking milk past childhood is not healthy, and an array of plant-based alternatives have risen in popularity. Is milk healthy?

Yes, milk is healthy.

Milk contains nutrients and can have many health benefits.

Milk is healthy because it contains essential and abundant nutrients.

Milk's nutritional contents make it healthy for consumption.

Milk is healthy because it promotes healthy bodily functions and has an array of health benefits.

Milk's health benefits make it a great addition to human diets.

No, milk is unhealthy.

Milk contains harmful ingredients and can negatively impact health.

Milk is unhealthy because it contains high amounts of saturated fat.

Saturated fat causes heart disease, high cholesterol, and obesity. Since milk contains high amounts of saturated fat, it is unhealthy.

Milk is unhealthy because of the chemicals that farmers put in cows.

Farmers put harmful antibiotics and hormones into cows producing milk.

Milk is unhealthy because people are intolerant or allergic to it.

Many people experience lactose intolerance or milk allergies.

Animal milk is unhealthy because it decreases bone growth and health

Although popular opinion suggests that milk improves bone health, milk actually contains a protein known as casein, which produces acid when broken down. This acid is believed to be responsible for the breaking down of bones, making them weaker, which can lead to them breaking more easily.

Milk can be healthy in certain cases.

Milk can only be healthy, but only sometimes.

Milk is somewhat healthy, but not absolutely necessary.

Milk does contain valuable nutrients, but these nutrients can be gotten through other foods too.

It doesn't matter, we shouldn't drink milk regardless.

Whether it's healthy or not, there are other reasons we shouldn't drink milk.

The production of milk is unethical

Dairy farms often subject cows to inhumane conditions. The production of animal products, such as milk, has many ethically questionable effects such as causing pain to the animals, reducing animal agency or causing damage to the environment . This has caused many to act if the production of such products is inherently unethical.

Milk consumption is bad for the environment.

Production of milk and dairy products harms the environment.

It is unnatural for humans to drink milk.

Other mammals do not drink milk past childhood, and it's unnatural that we do.
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