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Should you watch anime dubbed or subbed?
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There is no need to read while you are watching

Dubbed anime can be watched normally like any other cartoon without having to worry about reading off the screen.
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The Argument

When anime is dubbed, viewers can understand what’s going on in the anime right away since they are listening to a language that is familiar to them. They can also enjoy the visuals of the anime without subtitles blocking parts of the screen. People with learning disabilities may be physically incapable of keeping up with reading subtitles, and pausing the video would affect the viewing experience. Dubbing eliminates that problem by replacing the Japanese audio entirely with an English one, and the viewer can simply listen and understand instantly. Dubbed anime enhances the experience of watching anime without compromising on visuals and viewing pace. It levels out the playing field for all non-Japanese viewers of anime.

Counter arguments


[P1] Subtitles affect the visual experience of anime. [P2] Dubbing is superior as it does not interfere with the visuals.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Visual experience is unique to every viewer and it therefore can't be assumed how subtitles will affect the quality.


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