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Should you watch anime dubbed or subbed?
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Subbed anime is more widely available

Not all anime are dubbed, but most anime is available subbed.
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The Argument

Usually only very popular anime are chosen to be dubbed because they are more likely to be profitable. Dubbing costs more, as voice actors need to be hired to do the voiceovers as well as translators to translate the scripts. On the other hand, subbing hardly costs anything and is more easily accessible to audiences everywhere, making it a more viable option to enjoy lots of different anime. Even if official subtitled versions of more niche anime are not offered, fans can make their own subbed versions and make them available on the internet (which is aptly termed “fansubbing”). This is especially true for OVAs (original video animations), which do not go through a television broadcast; they are instead released directly on the video market, usually along with manga volumes as promotion material. Older and lesser-known anime might not receive dubbed remakes either, but it would be more logistically possible to find fansubbed versions for viewers' enjoyment. As such, making the choice of watching subbed anime can open viewers to a plethora of genres of anime, and not be limited to the select number of dubbed shows that might not fit every viewer’s taste.

Counter arguments


[P1] Dubbing an anime costs more than subbing it. [P2] The broadened variety of anime available through subtitles makes it more worthy of investment.

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