Should you watch anime dubbed or subbed?

Anime (Japanese animation) is a cultural phenomenon that has swept the globe since the 90’s. More and more non-Japanese speakers are becoming interested in the world of Japanese animation. Instead of learning Japanese from scratch, viewers deliberate between the controversial choices of watching dubbed (with English voiceovers replacing Japanese audio) or subbed (retaining the Japanese audio and adding subtitles) versions of anime.

Subbed anime is better

Watching subtitled anime is the subtlest way to experience anime without changing too much.

The nuances of Japanese speech are retained

Subtitling minimises the translation gap by keeping the Japanese audio.

Japanese voice actors are best suited for anime

Voice actors have been selected by directors who believe them to be the most appropriate in representing each character.

Subbed anime is released earlier

Audiences around the world can enjoy new episodes within a few days of its release in Japan.

Subbed anime is more widely available

Not all anime are dubbed, but most anime is available subbed.

The quality of acting in anime is ensured

Subbed anime are able to preserve the original quality of the anime.

Dubbed anime is better

The most straightforward, effortless way to understand a foreign show is to listen to it in your own language.

There is no need to read while you are watching

Dubbed anime can be watched normally like any other cartoon without having to worry about reading off the screen.

The cultural barrier is abolished in dubbed anime

Dubbed anime must make cultural translations in order for the show to make sense to international viewers.

It depends on the content of the anime

Some think that particular anime are better dubbed, and others better subbed.

Dubbed anime works for anime that has a non-Japanese setting

The Japanese audio could be bypassed if the story setting does not call for many Japanese references.
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