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Where is Kim Jong-un?
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Kim Jong Un is alive and well

The North Korean state media claims the leader has spoken to Cuba, South Africa, and Syria during this period of alleged absence.

The Argument

Kim Jong-Un was working as usual during his absence. According to North Korean media outlets, he corresponded with the leaders of Syria, Cuba and South Africa.[1] Additionally, the country's official Rodong Sinmun newspaper reported that Kim Jong-Un's calendar "does not have any day-offs, holidays or birthdays."[2] Lastly, the North Korean leader's appearance at a ribbon cutting ceremony disproved any rumors that he was deceased, showing him alive, well, and smiling.[3] North Korean media demonstrated, therefore, that Kim Jong-Un was--and still is--perfectly fine and running the country as normal.

Counter arguments

North Korean media might claim that Kim Jong-Un was working during his absence, but there is no way to verify this information. Due to its counterintelligence techniques, propagandist distribution of information, and lack of evidence for its leader's activities, it is difficult to believe the North Korean media's accounts.



Rejecting the premises


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