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Where is Kim Jong-un?
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Kim Jongh Un is working in Wonsan

The North Korean paper Rodong Sinmun claims that he is in Wonsan to congratulate labourers on their building activities there.
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The Argument

According to North Korean news sources, Kim Jong-Un is currently located in Wonsan to commend the laborers there for their diligent work. Both the North Korean State Media and North Korea’s primary newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, corroborated the story. [1]Since both news sources have reported similar stories, it is likely that Kim Jong-un is located in Wonsan. Furthermore, the sources are under the leadership of the North Korean government, which is under the command of Kim Jong-un as Supreme Leader of North Korea. Therefore, if any source would be reliable enough to disclose the location of Kim Jong-un, it would be North Korea. In addition, Airbus Defence & Space released satellite photos of Kim Jong-un’s compound in Wonsan. In one of the photos, it shows Kim Jong-Un’s train has been stopped outside the Wonson compound since April 21. [2]This is a location that South Korean news agency, Yonhap, confirmed as one of Kim Jong-un’s ongoing construction projects. Kim Jong-un thanking the workers at the construction site is not out of the ordinary because he sent a message of gratitude in February. Therefore, Kim Jong-un is located in Wonsan to congratulate the workers for their construction efforts.

Counter arguments

Even if Kim Jong-un is currently at the compound, it does not explain his whereabouts before April 21. He missed the celebration of the 108th birthday of his grandfather on April 15.[2] This argument does not account for where he was between April 15 and April 21. Also, no other news agencies outside of North Korea have been able to confirm the information spread by the North's government controlled news. This means that North Korea could be covering up actual the location of Kim Jong-un.



[P1] North Korea reported that Kim Jong-un is in Wonsan. [P2] North Korea provided proof of this claim. [P3] Therefore, Kim Jong-un is in Wonsan to congratulate the laborers.

Rejecting the premises


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