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Is working from home better than working from an office?
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Working from home saves time compared to working in a traditional office

Employees are able to save time by working from home, but they would have used this time if they were working in an office. For example, employees do not need to commute, get dressed in work attire and are free from distractions by colleagues. Therefore, it is better to work from home.
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The Argument

Working from home saves people time that they would have used if working in a traditional office. Due to working remotely, people are able to remove the commute back and forth as well as the time spent getting dressed and ready for work.[1] In a traditional office setting, employees often get distracted by their coworkers, which takes time away from their job. By telecommuting, people eliminate these distractions and time-wasters. People are able to save time that they would normally spend if they had an office job. [2]

Counter arguments

Working from home eliminates typical office distractions such as co-workers, but there are still numerous ways someone could lose focus. It may be difficult for someone to find the motivation to work while at home because they are working independently and there is no separation from work and home life. Travelling to and from an office every day mentally prepares a person to be focused and driven to work. An office is designed for work and therefore keeps employees focused instead of being distracted by items at home.



[Rejecting P2] There are numerous distractions while working from home.


[P1] Working from home saves time by eliminating the commute. [P2] Working from home saves time because people are not distracted by co-workers. [P3] Therefore, working from home is better than a traditional office.

Rejecting the premises


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