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Is working from home better than working from an office?
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Working from home improves mental health

Working from home can be beneficial to a persons' mental health due to the elimination of typical stressors of an office environment.
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The Argument

People who begin working from home have found their mental health improved in comparison to when they were employed in a traditional office. Usually, remote jobs are extremely flexible, which reduces stress and allows more freedom in scheduling.[1] Commuting to and from work can be stressful, especially during rush hour traffic. Working from home eliminates driving, which creates less stress and more time for a person to work or relax.[2] Allowing more flexibility within a work schedule has been proven to reduce stress levels and burnout in employees. Since people are able to complete their work at their own time and pace, there do not feel pressured to finish quickly. This can result in more thorough, better work for the company because employees have the freedom to be more detailed. Working remotely is better than a traditional office due to the drastic improvements to stress and mental health.[3]

Counter arguments

Working from home can be detrimental to a persons' mental health due to the isolation and lack of in-person communication. An employee may feel alienated from their co-workers because they only communicate digitally. It is lonely for a person to spend every workday alone, and can lead to poor mental health.


[P1] Remote jobs offer more flexibility. [P2] Working from home eliminates the driving time, and therefore the stress of the commute. [P3] Flexibility reduces stress levels because people have more time to complete their work. [P4] Therefore, working from home is better than traditional offices.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P4] Working from home can damage a persons' mental health due to isolation and loneliness.


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