Is working from home better than working from an office?

With much of the world now working from home, it is time to revisit the question, is it better? From mental health, to productivity, to cost, is WFH really better than traditional office environments? Is WFH the future of work?

Yes, working from home is better than traditional offices

The advantages of WFH are clear, and companies miss big opportunities by not supporting their employees in working from home.

Working from home increases productivity

Employees tend to work longer hours when working from home.

Working from home saves money

By working from home, both employees and companies are able to earn more money.

Working from home saves time compared to working in a traditional office

Employees are able to save time by working from home, but they would have used this time if they were working in an office. For example, employees do not need to commute, get dressed in work attire and are free from distractions by colleagues. Therefore, it is better to work from home.

Working from home improves mental health

Working from home can be beneficial to a persons' mental health due to the elimination of typical stressors of an office environment.

No, working from home is not better than traditional office work

There are real drawbacks to Working from Home. Traditional offices environments have advantages that WFH just can't compete with.

Serendipidous moments are missed when working from home

Water-cooler interactions, bumping into someone in the hallway, the random lunch meeting are all missed when working from home. Having a healthy social life is important to a person's mental health, as well as to the success of the company.

Face to face time builds teamwork skills in traditional office settings

Sitting next to someone, seeing their body language, handshakes, and in-person communication all build relationships in important ways. Being physically near coworkers encourages stronger teamwork.

It is difficult to unplug when working remotely

Since there is no separation in work and home life, people who work from home often have trouble unplugging and relaxing after completing their work for the day, which can result in burnout.

Working from home is lonely

Working from home can be isolating and lonely, which can hurt a person's mental health and job performance.

A balance of working at home and the office is best

Having a mixture of working from home and the office will create the best work environment for employees and increase productivity.

A mix of working from home and the office is the best for productivity

Creating a hybrid schedule where employees will be granted the flexibility to work between home and the office will maximize productivity and motivation while allowing people to maintain face to face communication with coworkers.
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