Should abortion be legal?

Throughout the world, abortions and a woman's right to have them remain taboo. As abortion is illegal in many countries, women sometimes going to extreme and dangerous lengths to obtain them. Going beyond whether or not terminating a pregnancy is right or wrong, what are the pros and cons of abortion? And should abortion as a medical procedure be legal?

Abortions should be legal.

Women should have the right to choose whether or not they have an abortion.

Abortion is an individual's choice

The government should not have the power to regulate women's bodies.

Abortion makes economic sense for both women and the government

Legalized abortion is more economically cost-effective for women because it is cheaper than birth procedure costs and eliminates the financial burden of a child. According to research, more women from lower economic classes seek more abortions. Therefore, making abortion legal would be economically beneficial for government spending because it reduces welfare costs to help impoverished children.

An unwanted child may be resented

Parents may be resentful toward an unwanted child they felt forced into it.

Separation of Church and State

Abortion laws should not be dictated by religious beliefs in supposedly​ secular countries.

The right to bodily autonomy

if it is illegal to force someone to donate a kidney to save a family member, why should it be legal to force someone to give birth?

The health risks of pregnancy and childbirth

Abortion being illegal would lead to unsafe home abortions

Abortion should only be allowed in extreme situations.

In cases of rape, abuse and other extreme situations, abortions should be permitted.​

Abortion should be allowed when pregnancy endangers the mother

The mother's right to life is more important than the foetus'. If the mother's life is in danger, an abortion should be allowed.

A Mother should be allowed to abort a child with disabilities

Modern technology can alert us to potential disabilities before birth. Abortion should be allowed in these cases.

Abortion should be legal in cases of rape and incest

A victim of sex crimes should not be forced to have the perpetrator's child.

Abortion is a balance of two separate individuals' rights.

The entire issue rests upon when a fetus becomes a person and when they are, the balance of protection they deserve.

Abortion should be illegal.

Abortion should be a prosecutable offense on the grounds that it is morally and ethically wrong.

A foetus is a person

A fetus is a living being and thus abortions are a form of murder.

Adoption is always an option

There is no such thing as an unwanted child. Even if the mother cannot support the child, there are extensive waiting lists for families looking to adopt.

Abortion poses health risks to the Mother

Abortion procedures have been linked to health complications in later life.

Many women regret abortions

It is very common for women to express sentiments of regret after getting an abortion. On the other hand, women never express regret for choosing to have a child.

A foetus feels pain during an abortion procedure

Once the spinal reflex is developed at eight weeks, a foetus can feel pain.

Abortions are not permissible within certain religious beliefs

Religions view human life as sacred since God created it. By killing an unborn child, people are refusing to acknowledge that only God has the power to end life. Therefore, abortions are not permissible within religion.
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