Does God exist?

For much of time people have questioned the existence of God. This question understands God as ‘Supreme Being and Creator of the Universe’, not a specific God (Christian, Islamic, Jewish, or other), and explores the various positions and arguments for and against the existence.

Yes, God exists

At least one deity exists.

People experience God, so They exist

This is the belief that the personal feeling of 'awe' is proof of the existence of God.

Our world has been created through Intelligent Design

Also known as "teleological". The complexity and beauty of the world could not have come about randomly, but only by of an intelligent being.

Ontological belief in God: the idea that God exists because he exists

An ontological belief is an argument someone makes about reality: what exists simply because it exists. Due to God existing as an idea in the mind, and we cannot imagine a being greater than the greatest possible being that can be imagined (ie. God), it can therefore be concluded that God exists.

God is the cosmological explanation for the universe

The Universe should have had a beginning, and a basal being whom we call God accounts for it.

Religion gives us our morals

Without a God to define an absolute standard of right and wrong, morality would be relative

We can't know whether God exists

We don't or can't know whether deities exist.

We can never be certain as to God's existence

Knowledge of God’s existence is unattainable because no evidence could ever justify religious belief

We cannot comprehend God

Knowledge of God’s existence is unattainable because evidence of God’s existence is unattainable.

No, God does not exist

The existence of God can be disproved. Be it due to the existence of evil, the lack of sufficient empirical evidence, or the inconsistencies present in religions that worship some form of this God, God does not exist.

The existence of evil shows there is no God

It is impossible to reconcile the existence of evil with an omnipotent, omnibenevolent and omniscient God

The argument from non-belief: God only exists if we believe it does

The argument from non-belief is a philosophical argument that asserts an inconsistency between the existence of God and a world in which people fail to recognize him

Religious revelations are inconsistent

Since theologians and the faithful have produced conflicting and mutually exclusive revelations, it is unlikely that God exists.

There is no evidence for God

There is no solid scientific evidence for the existence of God

God is not inherently Good

The dystheistic belief that if God did exist, he could not be understood as Good.

The existence of God can be disproven

The New Atheist cluster of arguments, commonly attributed to a group of Western 21st century writers, that claim that religion is superstition, scientifically disprovable, and bad for society.
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