Will the future of transportation be electric?

There is a push towards the usage of electrically powered cars. A few governments envision in the coming year to prohibit sell or even circulation of thermal cars. However electric car still is a niche market Will ti ever become viable

Yes, the market and governments will push for electric transportation

In a few years time electric cars will be dominant

The trend toward green mobility will make electric cars a popular transport

As the threats of global warming become more apparent, investment is turning towards green technologies for solutions. This is paving the way for growth in electric cars which provide a sustainable alternative to their carbon-emitting predecessor.

Yes, the future is electric but limited

Range and cost issues will make electric cars suitable only for local transportation

Electric car charging networks are complex

Although electric cars will be common in urban environments, it will be inconvenient to use them in rural areas, because they will lack a network of chargers.

Electric mobility will not occur on a large scale

Several factors will prevent electric car penetration

Economic cost of electric transport

The costs of electric car production and network will play a role

Lack of enough electrical resources

We can't produce enough electricity for electric transportation to become the new normal.

Environmental considerations of electric cars

The production of cars and mostly batteries can have a considerable environmental impact
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