Should military conscription be banned?

Conscription, also known as compulsory military service, is the practice of requiring military service of all qualifying individuals within a nation. Chiefly known for having been employed during the First and Second World Wars, the duration of modern-day conscription can range anywhere from two weeks to two years. But does conscription foster hyper-nationalism and unhealthy aggression? Is the government sending the message that war is inevitable? Or is conscription simply a means of building character and strength?

Yes, military conscription should be banned.

Military conscription is unnecessary in the modern world and sees more detriments than benefits.

Military conscription violates free will

As a compulsory mandate, no one has the final say over whether they are drafted or not.

Military conscription interferes with important aspects of a person's life

Education, work, and personal ambitions are often compromised by mandatory military service

The quality of military service is heavily compromised

The conscription model focuses on quantity rather than quality, undermining the efforts of experienced, self-selecting soldiers

Military service can cause long-lasting health problems

Several conscripts are not mentally or physically able to withstand training, and the law often does not account for this

Military conscription objectifies young people's bodies

Young people's lives and health should not be viewed as expendable. Governments abuse their bodies as machines for war.

Military conscription is money consuming

The Government spend a lot of money on conscription. Those money can be use to develop the country further.

No, military conscription should not be banned

Military conscription provides more benefits than otherwise and acts in the greater interest of a nation's security and welfare

Military conscription promotes equality amongst citizens

As conscription mandates that anyone, regardless of socioeconomic status or background, can be conscripted, it promotes social equality

Military conscription promotes national unity and pride

Countries that practice conscription create a culture that allows those who have undergone service to bond over and acknowledge the work of those in the military

Military conscripts are trained in useful disciplines and skills

Conscription should not be banned because conscripts learn valuable life skills.

It depends; military conscription may be appropriate or inappropriate in certain circumstances

The answer to this question depends on the circumstances the nation is facing at the time.
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