Should universities be free?

The debate around funding university education is as popular as ever. Many people think universities should be free to increase equality and job prospects for young people. Others think only STEM subjects should be free. Yet other people think universities should not be free at all.

Universities should be free and fully funded

Free university would restore intergenerational equality and give modern young people the same opportunities as older generations

Free universities avoid young people being saddled with high levels of debt

Free university education increases social mobility for the lower classes

University is increasingly essential for most jobs and shutting it off for lower classes shuts them off from a lot of jobs

Increasingly specialised job fields mean more and more people require a university education

University tuition should remain the same but maintenance loans should be increased

Neither loan is paid back until you're earning over the threshold anyway, but maintenance loans determine your ability to live at university

Those who have to work part time to fund uni are at a disadvantage in their studies compared to those who don't

Parents shouldn't be obligated to pay for their childs education

University STEM degrees should be free

Fully funding STEM degrees would encourage more young people to enter those fields

STEM degrees are essential for their careers so the degree isn't 'optional'

Universities should not be free

The high cost of university makes students value the education more

Graduates earn a higher wage so it's only fair they pay towards that privilege

If university was free then far more people would have a degree, making their worth reduce

University degrees are a premium product and should be charged as such

The economy needs more vocational skills than university graduates and there should be push towards that rather than university education

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