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Who is the best rapper of all time?
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André 3000 creates quality, unique content.

André 3000 hasn't released much content since parting ways with Big Boi, what he has released is rich and full of artistry. Even when he is just featured, André 3000 is constantly stealing the spotlight.

The Argument

André 3000 constantly steals the spotlight and paves his own way. While most rappers follow tradition and few rappers pave the way for them, André is unique. He pioneers for himself, breaking cultural norms and musical insipidity with his outfits and his vocals. André 3000 not only raps, he sings--and he switches between the two seamlessly. He has mastered two of the hardest things vocally, making him not only one of the most multifaceted rappers of all time, but the best rapper of all time.[1]

Counter arguments

While André 3000 is incredibly gifted, he has never released a solo album. Until he does so, it's nearly impossible to compare him to countless other artists who have displayed their talents without the help of others. Further, André's ability to sing does not further his status as a rapper. Sure, he is a skilled vocalist, but being a good rapper and singer doesn’t make you the best rapper of all time.



Rejecting the premises


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