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Who is the best rapper of all time?
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Nas has been called the second coming of Rakim

Rakim is known as the God of rap. Nas is the new king of rap, with many fans referring to his album Illmatic as a "the second coming."

The Argument

With the release of the critically acclaimed album, Illmatic, rap enthusiasts hailed Nas as the second coming of Rakim.[1] This was not only because of his skill but also due to the tone of Illmatic. The greatest hip-hop album of all time had much in common with 80's old school rap,[2] despite its release in 1994. Nas made an old school rap album in the golden age of hip-hop. He captured lighting in a bottle--he made a golden-age album that was better than anything the God of rap had ever made in the old school rap era. For this reason, he is clearly the best rapper of all time.

Counter arguments

While Nas was able to accomplish a great deal with the release of Illmatic--including being dubbed the second coming of Rakim--this does not make him the greatest rapper of all time. Rather, it demonstrates that he was able to improve on the groundwork that Rakim had already painstakingly laid. Nas should have instead focused more on creating his own voice.



Rejecting the premises


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